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45-0153-018   C-72 Watchman's Key Station E
45-0153-019   C-72 Watchman's Key Station F
45-0153-020   C-72 Watchman's Key Station G
45-0153-021   C-72 Watchman's Key Station H
45-0153-033   C-72 Watchman's Key Station I
45-0153-022   C-72 Watchman's Key Station J
45-0153-023   C-72 Watchman's Key Station K
45-0153-024   C-72 Watchman's Key Station L
45-0153-034   C-72 Watchman's Key Station M
45-0153-025   C-72 Watchman's Key Station N
45-0153-035   C-72 Watchman's Key Station O
C3000-TC   C3000 Time Card: Weekly Or Bi-Weekly Clipper Card
C8519-TC   C8519 Time Card: Weekly Or Bi-Weekly Clipper Time Card
C8519-2-TC   C8519-2 Time Card
C8916-TC   C8916 Time Card
0080-014-998   Casing Security Key
CH100-TC   CH100 Time Card
CH100-2-TC   CH100-2 Time Card
CH107-TC   CH107 Time Card
CH107-2-TC   CH107-2 Time Card
CH131-TC   CH131 Time Card
TTINKLB   Check Writer Ink - Large Bottle
TTC3000   Cincinnati 3000 Series or New Clipper Ink Ribbon
TTC5000   Cincinnati Model 5000 / 8000 Ink Ribbon
TTCSXOC   Citizen CSX 190 (for Omni Chron Printer) Ribbon
1221   Cool Gray Plastic Case with Black Clock Face
SAI0350   DD Display with PCB for DD2100 & DD4000 (Specify 1-12 or 0-23 hours) - SAI0350
MGP-25   Digital Display LED - GPS Master Clock
bet-62440   Digital Display Systems BET-62440 Count Up and Down Elapsed Timer 4"
DDS-BSA   Digital Display Systems BSA-42440 4" Stand-alone Digital Smart Clock
MRS-25   Digital Display Systems MRS-25 Standard 2.5" LED 6 Digit Master Clock
DSA-42470   Digital Display Systems Stand Alone DSA-42470 7" Digital Wall Clock
E-TC   E Time Card
E-2-TC   E-2 Time Card
E-3-TC   E-3 Time Card
E5000-TC   E5000 Time Card
ES1010-TC   ES1010 Time Card
58-0108-000   ES900: Battery Backup
PTI-150E   Existing Payroll Interface 1-150 Employees
SBE-PI   Existing Payroll Interface in NOVAtime 2000 but not in NOVAtime 1000
01-0230-000   External Relay Box, 24 Volt
LTR-GPS   GPS Synchronization Receiver
Ink-Pad-KB   Ink Pad - KB
Ink-Roll-DI100-Tri-Color   Ink Roll - DI100: Tri-Color
Ink-Roll-Hedman   Ink Roll - Hedman 5000 Writer / Signer
Ink-Roll-DI100-Black   Ink Roll EDP Hedman DI100 - Black
Ink-Roll-930   Ink Roll: Martin Yale 930
J7L-TC   J7L Time Card
J7R-TC   J7R Time Card
J7R-2-TC   J7R-2 Time Card
JTAWIN-150   Jantek 150 Employee Time and Attendance Software
E-JTA250-100VP   Jantek E-JTA250-100VP Ethernet Proximity Value Package
E-JTA350-100VP   Jantek Ethernet JTA350 100 Employee Value Package
HP1000JTA   Jantek HP1000 Hand Reader - 50 Users
HP1000E-JTA   Jantek HP1000E - Ethernet Hand Reader - 100 Users
JSR-200   Jantek JSR-200 Stand Alone Access Control
JTA1000SX-50VP   Jantek JTA1000SX-50VP Proximity Time Clock Value Package
JTA250PC   Jantek JTA250PC "Direct Connect" Proximity Time Clock
EN250   Jantek JTA250PC Internal Ethernet Card
JTA350MS   Jantek JTA350-MS Basic Magstripe Badge Clock
PC-Punch-LAN   Jantek PC Punch Module
BDPRX   Jantek Proximity Badges ( Sold In Packs of 25 )
JES-110   Justrite JES-110 Heavy Duty Embosser
K14-35-TC   K14-35 Time Card
L31-TC   L31 Time Card
L61-TC   L61 Time Card
LA8500-TC   LA8500 Time Card
DWA-S-R   Lathem - Sonachron DWA-S - Rebuilt Signal Control Bell Ringer
1500E   Lathem 1500E Atomic Electronic Time Recorder / Time Stamp
2100   Lathem 2100 Heavy Duty Time Recorder
TT200C1-2   Lathem 2100, 3000 & 4000 Series, 8800 Ink - 1 or 2 Color
2121batt   Lathem 2121 Battery-operated Time Clock
4021   Lathem 4021 Heavy Duty Automatic Time Recorder
7500E   Lathem 7500E Calculating Electronic Time Recorder with Atomic Clock Accuracy!
FR650-KIT   Lathem FR650 Face Recognition Time System, Ethernet, 50 Employees
FR700   Lathem FR700 Face Recognition Time System, Ethernet, 100 Employees
ISC12RFA   Lathem ISC12RFA 24 VDC Impulse Wall Clock Semi-Flush Mount
ISC12RSA   Lathem ISC12RSA 24 VDC Impulse Wall Clock - Surface Mount
LT5000   Lathem LT5000 Time Recorder
LTN   Lathem LTN Six Digit Numbering Stamp - Discontinued - Repairs available!
LTR8-512   Lathem LTR8-512 8-Circuit Master Clock & Signal Control
TTLTT0C   Lathem LTT, LTTC Cotton Ink Ribbon
TTLTT0S   Lathem LTT, LTTC Silk Ink Ribbon
LTD   Lathem Model LTD Date Stamp - Discontinued - Repairs available!
TTLOCRB   Lathem Omni Chron II Ribbon
PCWEZ-INTF   Lathem PayClock EZ Custom Payroll Interface (Unlock Code Only)
PCW-100EE   Lathem PayClock Upgrade to 100 Employees
PCW-150EE   Lathem PayClock Upgrade to 150 Employees
PCW-250EE   Lathem PayClock V6 Upgrade to 250 Employees
MS-BADGE-25   Lathem PC100 / 400 Magstripe Badges (# 1 - 25)
MS-BADGE-150   Lathem PC100 / 400 Magstripe Badges (#101 - 150)
MS-BADGE   Lathem PC100 / 400 Magstripe Badges (#26 - 50)
MS-Badge-100   Lathem PC100 / 400 Magstripe Badges (#51 - 100)
MS-BADGE-50BL   Lathem PC100 / PC400 Magstripe Badges - Blank Print (#1 - 50)
MS-BADGE-100BL   Lathem PC100 / PC400 Magstripe Badges - Blank Print (#50 - 100)
RF-BADGE   Lathem PC50, PC60, PC600 & LX100 Proximity Badges
RFKEY-5   Lathem PC50, PC60, PC600 & LX100,PC600 Proximity Key Fobs
USBCABLE16   Lathem PC50/TS100 USB Active Extension Cable (16 ft.)
USBEXTENDER   Lathem PC50/TS100 USB Super Extender (Up to 150 ft.)
PC600-KIT   Lathem PC600 Touch Screen & Prox Time System with Ethernet
TS-RFS   Lathem Remote Finger Sensors for TS100 - 5 Employees per Sensor
DWA-S   Lathem Sonachron DWA-S Signal Control Bell Ringer
SS12RDA-110   Lathem SS12RDA Double Face Mount Clock - 115VAC
SS12RFA   Lathem SS12RFA Wired Synchonized 12" Wall Clock 115VAC Semi-Flush Mount
SS12RFA-24   Lathem SS12RFA Wired Synchronized 12" Wall Clock 24 VAC Semi-Flush Mount
SS12RSA-Surface   Lathem SS12RSA Wired Synchronized 12" Wall Clock - 115VAC Surface Mount
SS12RSA-Surface-24VAC   Lathem SS12RSA Wired Synchronous 12" Wall Clock 24 VAC Surface Mount
K342   Lathem Timing Motor for Series 2000 & 4000 Time Clocks
PCWEZTS-UP   Lathem Touch Station Upgrade to Payclock V6
PS8-24B   LathemPS8 24-B, 5 amp, 24 VAC Power Booster
74-0166-000   M6000 Recorder for the Acroprint ARES IV Watchman and Guard Tour Systems
SAI0125   Main PCB for DWA and DWA-H
TTMY93C   Martin Yale 930 Check Writer (3 Color) Ribbon
TTMY93B   Martin Yale 930 Check Writer (Black) Ink Roll
MLINK   MasterLink Media Charge for LTR8 Series Only
MLINK-S   MasterLink Software for LTR8 Series Only
MLINK-P   MasterLink Software for LTR8 Series Only - (12 Masters, 100 Schedules)
MLINK-KIT   MasterLink with Ethernet Adaptor for LTR8-512
MLINK-E   MasterLink-E Software for LTR8 Series Only - (Unlimited)
EM-701   Memory Expansion from 50 to 100 users for NT-1000B Only
N4600A-TC   N4600A Time Card
N4605A-TC   N4605A Time Card
SecureSeal-70   NEW KON - SecureSeal-70 Electric Embosser
10-905   NEW KON Model 10-905 Perforator
NOVAPIC-150   NOVApic Photo ID Module
SBEXP-PCKEYIN-25   NOVAtime 1000 SBE Express PC Key-in for 25 employees
SBE-B100E   NOVAtime 1000 SBE Package SBE-B100E, NT1000E Ethernet Hand Punch Terminal
SBE-HP   NOVAtime 1000-SBE Software with NT-1000B Software License
AC-150   NOVAtime Accurals Module 1-150 Employees
SITE-150   NOVAtime Additional Site License with CD and User's Manual 1-150 Employees
PTI-150   NOVAtime Custom Payroll Interface 1-150 Employees
FLEXI-150   NOVAtime FLEXi-Time Scheduling Module 1-150 Employees
LBR-150   NOVAtime Labor Tracking Module (NOVATrack)
LOCKOUT-150   NOVAtime Lockout / Access Module 1-150 Employees
NT-1000B   NOVAtime NT 1000B Hand Punch Terminal - 50 Employee
NT-1000E   NOVAtime NT 1000E Ethernet Hand Punch Terminal
NT-2000B   NOVAtime NT2000 Hand Scanner Reader
SBE-BC-BADGE-0001   NOVAtime NT300 Bar Code Badges - NOVAtime NT300 Bar Code Badges Numbers 1 - 25 SBE-BC-BADGE-0001
SBE-BC-BADGE-0002   NOVAtime NT300 Bar Code Badges - NOVAtime NT300 Bar Code Badges Numbers 26 - 50 SBE-BC-BADGE-0002
SBE-BC-BADGE-0003   NOVAtime NT300 Bar Code Badges - NOVAtime NT300 Bar Code Badges Numbers 51 - 75 SBE-BC-BADGE-0003
SBE-BC-BADGE-0004   NOVAtime NT300 Bar Code Badges - NOVAtime NT300 Bar Code Badges Numbers 76 - 100 SBE-BC-BADGE-0004
SBE-BC-BADGE   NOVAtime NT300 Bar Code Badges SBE-BC-BADGE-0001
NT300-POE   NOVAtime NT300 Single Port Power Over Ethernet Hub
NT300-EN   NOVAtime NT300 Terminal Ethernet Card
NT300-MD   NOVAtime NT300 Terminal Internal Modem
NT3000-B   NOVAtime NT3000B Hand Punch Terminal
NT4000-B   NOVAtime NT4000B Hand Punch Terminal
ODBC-150   NOVAtime ODBC Data Import Module 1-150 Employees
ONCALL-150   NOVAtime On Call / Call Back Module 1-150 Employees
PDA-150   NOVAtime Palm Program Module (Per 5 Seats) 1-150 Employees
PDF-150   NOVAtime PDF Report Module 1-150 Employees
SBE-PX-BADGE   NOVAtime Proximity Badges for the NT300 Proximity Clock
SBE-B50   NOVAtime SBE-B50 Package with NT1000B Hand Punch Terminal
SBEXP-UP50   Novatime SBE1000 Upgrade from 25 to 50 Employee Capacity
VIS6001   Optional Operations Battery for 5000E
VIS6010   Optional Operations Battery VIS6010 for 6000E
VIS6020   Optional Operations Battery VIS6020 for 7000E
VIS0470   Paper Roll & Ribbon
PM-150   Pay-Matrix Module 1-150 Employees
PCW-INTF   PayClock Custom Payroll Interface
TT80000   Paymaster 8000 Check Writer Ribbon
TT90000-2   Paymaster 9000 Check Writer Ribbon
BREL-5   PC50 Badge Reel, Pack of 5
09-9107-090   PD-36 Hour Round Watchman's Disc
0080-015-998   Portable Data Transfer Platform T6000
PS8-24B2   Power Booster - 5 amp, 24 Volt (2 Wire)
PS8-24B3   Power Booster - 5 amp, 24 Volt (3 Wire)
PS8-24   Power Supply - 5 amp, 115/220VAC, 24VAC, RTN, 12V Wave, 24VDC
PS8-2412   Power Supply - 5 amp, 24 VDC & 12 VDC (for 2-wire impulse only)
14143   Primex 14143 Wireless Transmitter Master Clock System - Available in California ONLY
14155   Primex 14155 Traditional Series 12.5" Battery Wireless Wall Clock - Available in California ONLY
PTR-35100-TC   PTR-35100 Time Card: Weekly
PTR-44100-10-TC   PTR-44100-10 Time Card
Pyramid-2650Pro   Pyramid 2650Pro Semi-automatic Time Clock
TTPY350   Pyramid 3500, Pyramid 4000 Ribbon
TTBIO   Pyramid TimeTrax Biometric Kit
SAM5525   Rack Mount Kit for LTR4-512
AD-E   Rapidprint AD-E Date Stamp
ADN-E   Rapidprint ADN-E Automatic Numbering and Date Stamp
AN-E   Rapidprint AN-E 6-Digit Consecutive Numbering Machine
TT5650C   Rapidprint AR, Widmer T-3, Simplex 1605 Cotton 5650 Ink Ribbon
TT5650S   Rapidprint AR, Widmer T-3, Simplex 1605 Silk 5650 Ink Ribbon
TT56503   Rapidprint AR, Widmer T-3, Simplex 1605 Tri-Color 5650 Ink Ribbon
AR-E   Rapidprint AR-E Automatic Time & Date Stamp (G.S.A. ITEM)
ARC-E   Rapidprint ARC-E Automatic Time & Date Stamp with Analog Clock (G.S.A. ITEM)
ARL-E   Rapidprint ARL-E Automatic Time & Date Stamp with Digital Clock (G.S.A ITEM)
TTC65C1   Rapidprint C-650, Widmer OSI-6 Purple Ink Ribbon
TTC65C3   Rapidprint C-650, Widmer OSI-6 Tri-color Ink Ribbon
TTC7240   Rapidprint C-724, Widmer 776 Purple Ink Ribbon
2151-DD   REBUILT Lathem 2151- DD Time Clock
ES1000-R   REBUILT - Acroprint Model ES1000 Electronic Calculating Time Recorder
T-3-R2   REBUILT - Widmer T-3 Automatic Time Stamp " With New Type Section "
T-3-R   REBUILT - Widmer T-3 Automatic Time Stamp - No Clock Face
0102813PM   REBUILT : Acroprint ET Time and Date Stamp
PIX3000R   REBUILT Amano PIX- 3000 Time Stamp
860829LF   REBUILT: Acroprint EN Electronic Numbering Machine
R150-NR4   REBUILT: Acroprint Model 150 NR4 Automatic Heavy-Duty Time Recorder
361037669   REBUILT: Amano 6800 Series Fully Automatic Time Clock (limited availability)
2121-R   REBUILT: Lathem 2121 Time Recorder

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