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100372-TC   100372 Time Card - Monthly
101-TC   101 Time Card: Weekly
101-2-TC   101-2 Time Card: Bi-Weekly
VIE0354   110V/60Hz Mallory Motor for Ribbon Drive on LT Series
VIE1342   110V/60Hz Timing Motor for LTT Series
1566L-TC   1566L Job Card, Weekly ,Bi-Weekly or Semi-Monthly Payroll Card
175-TC   175 Time Card - Semi-Monthly
1790-TC   1790 Time Card: Monthly
1900L-TC   1900L Time Card - Weekly
1900L-2-TC   1900L-2 Time Card, Bi-Weekly
200-TC   200 Time Card: Weekly and Bi-Weekly,Clipper
21-214001-TC   21-214001 Time Card,Weekly
222-TC   222 Time Card: Weekly,Bi-Weekly,Clipper
250-TC   250 Clipper Time Card: Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Semi-Monthly
251-TC   251 Clipper Time Card: Bi-Weekly & Semi-Monthly
25550-TC   25550 Side Punch, Job Card
30-TC   30 Time Card: Weekly
30-2-TC   30-2 Time Card: Bi-Weekly
3200-TC   3200 Time Card: Weekly
3200-2-TC   3200-2 Time Card: Bi-Weekly
3220-TC   3220 Time Card: Weekly
3220-2-TC   3220-2 Time Card: Bi-Weekly
33-TC   33 Time Card: Weekly, ( Monday - Sunday )
33-2-TC   33-2 Bi-Weekly Time Card
349-TC   349 Job Card
35-TC   35 Time Card: Weekly ( Wed. to Tues.)
350-TC   350 Job Card
37-TC   37 Time Card: Weekly ( Fri. to Thur. )
38-TC   38 Time Card: Weekly ( Sat. to Fri. )
39-TC   39 Time Card: Weekly, ( Sun. to Sat. )
399-TC   399 Weekly Time Card, 7 Column Across The Card
31T115   4" Horn - 115 VAC
850-24   4" Horn - 24 VAC
5502-TC   5502 Time Card: Monthly & Semi-Monthly
5503-TC   5503 Time Card: Monthly & Semi-Monthly
5505-TC   5505 Time Card: Weekly
5525-TC   5525 Time Card: Weekly
5526-TC   5526 Time Card: Weekly
5541-TC   5541 Clipper Time Card: Weekly and Bi-Weekly
5543-TC   5543 Time Card: Weekly and Bi-Weekly
5569-TC   5569 Time Card: Bi-Weekly
5594-TC   5594 Time Card: Weekly
5625-TC   5625 Time Card: Weekly
5626-TC   5626 Time Card: Weekly
SAM1151   6 Volt DC Motor for 21/2200BATT - SAM1151
6030-TC   6030 Time Card: Semi-Monthly
VIE0203   6V, 1.2AH - DWA384-4, DWA-S, OMC I (Below SN4361)
7000E-TC   7000E Time Card
800652-TC   800652 Time Card: Job Card
85110-TC   85110 Time Card: Weekly
85231-TC   85231 Time Card: Bi-Weekly
85331-TC   85331 Time Card: Semi-Monthly
VAE0002   8V - OMCII Battery Pack
A11P-1M-000-014-TC   A11P-1M-000-014 Time Card
A11P-1M-000-024-TC   A11P-1M-000-024 Time Card
A11P-1M-000-029-TC   A11P-1M-000-029 Time Card
A11P-1M-000-039-TC   A11P-1M-000-039 Time Card
A11P-1M-000-049-TC   A11P-1M-000-049 Time Card
A11P-1M-000-079-TC   A11P-1M-000-079 Time Card
A11P-1M-000-099-TC   A11P-1M-000-099 Time Card
A11P-1M-000-124-TC   A11P-1M-000-124 Time Card
A11P-1M-000-149-TC   A11P-1M-000-149 Time Card
A11P-1M-000-174-TC   A11P-1M-000-174 Time Card
A11P-1M-000-199-TC   A11P-1M-000-199 Time Card
A11P-1M-000-249-TC   A11P-1M-000-249 Time Card
A11P-1M-100-199-TC   A11P-1M-100-199 Time Card
A11P-1M-200-249-TC   A11P-1M-200-249 Time Card
A11P-1M-200-299-TC   A11P-1M-200-299 Time Card
A11P-1M-300-399-TC   A11P-1M-300-399 Time Card
A11P-1M-300-549-TC   A11P-1M-300-549 Time Card
A11P-1M-400-499-TC   A11P-1M-400-499 Time Card
A11P-1M-500-599-TC   A11P-1M-500-599 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-014-TC   A11P-2M-000-014 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-024-TC   A11P-2M-000-024 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-029-TC   A11P-2M-000-029 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-039-TC   A11P-2M-000-039 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-049-TC   A11P-2M-000-049 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-079-TC   A11P-2M-000-079 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-099-TC   A11P-2M-000-099 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-124-TC   A11P-2M-000-124 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-149-TC   A11P-2M-000-149 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-174-TC   A11P-2M-000-174 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-199-TC   A11P-2M-000-199 Time Card
A11P-2M-000-249-TC   A11P-2M-000-249 Time Card
A11P-2M-100-199-TC   A11P-2M-100-199 Time Card
A11P-2M-100-349-TC   A11P-2M-100-349 Time Card
A11P-2M-200-249-TC   A11P-2M-200-249 Time Card
A11P-2M-200-299-TC   A11P-2M-200-299 Time Card
A11P-2M-300-399-TC   A11P-2M-300-399 Time Card
A11P-2M-300-549-TC   A11P-2M-300-549 Time Card
A11P-2M-400-499-TC   A11P-2M-400-499 Time Card
A11P-2M-500-599-TC   A11P-2M-500-599 Time Card
TT125C1   Acroprint 125 Ink Ribbon, Acroprint 150 Ink Ribbon 1-Color
TT125C2   Acroprint 125 Ink Ribbon, Acroprint 150 Ink Ribbon 2-Color
01-1670-XXX   Acroprint BP125-R6 Time Recorder 120VAC with Battery Back Up
39-0129-000   Acroprint ES1000 Ink Ribbon Cartridge
Q7152-5210A   Acroprint ES700 / ES900 replacement Power Supply
TTET00C   Acroprint ET and Acroprint ETC Cotton ink Ribbon
TTET00S   Acroprint ET and Acroprint ETC Silk Ink Ribbon
01-5000-001   Acroprint ET Document Control Time Stamp (Discontinued item)
01-6000-001   Acroprint ETC Document Control Time and Date Stamp (Discontinued Item)
01-0230-000   Acroprint External Relay Box, 24 Volt
Model-150   Acroprint Model 150 Time Recorder
TT200C1   Acroprint Model 200 Ink Ribbon
01-6000-000   Acroprint Model ES700 Electronic Time Recorder
01-0209-000   ACROPRINT Model ES900 Electronic Multi-Function Time Recorder
01-0249-000   Acroprint TimeQPlus V.4 Proximity System Package
SWIFT-485-KIT   Adapter Kit SWIFT-485-KIT to Extend RS232 Signal
SBE-CBL-BG   Additional 50' Pre-Made Cable
AMA5400-TC   AMA5400 Time Card: Bi-Weekly
TT36000   Amano 3500, 3000, 5500, 5600, 3600 Ink Ribbon
TT48000   Amano 4746, 4500, 4700, 4800 Ink Ribbon
TT90000   Amano 6300DX Ink Ribbon Cartridge
NR-7   Amano 6500 / 6700 Ink Ribbon
TT680C1   Amano 6800, 6900 Ink Ribbon Cartridge - 1-Color
BX1500   Amano BX 1500 Electronic Time Recorder
Amano CP-5000   Amano CP-5000 Electronic Fully Automatic Time Recorder
TTCP3RI   Amano CP3000, CP5000 Ink Ribbon Cartridge with Re-Inker
TTMJR85   Amano MJR 8500 Ribbon
MJR-7000   Amano MJR-7000 Computerized Time Recorder
MJR-7000-R   Amano MJR-7000 Rebuilt Computerized Time Recorder
TTMJR70   Amano MJR-7000, MJR-8000 Ink Ribbon Cartridge
MJRBAT   Amano MJR-7000/8000 Replacement Battery Pack
MJR-8000   Amano MJR-8000 Computerized Time Recorder
MJR-8000-R   Amano MJR-8000 Rebuilt Computerized Time Recorder
TT680C2   Amano Model 6900 Ink Ribbon Cartridge - 2-Color
MRX-35   Amano MRX-35 Computerized Time Recorder
Amano NS-5100   Amano NS-5100 Electronic Time / Date & Numbering Machine
TTPX000   Amano PIX, EX9000, NS5100, TCX Ink Ribbon Cartridge
Amano Pix 200   Amano Pix-200 Electronic Time Clock
AMANOPIX-21   Amano PIX-21 Electronic Time Clock
PIXBAT   Amano PIX-3000 Replacement Battery Pack
TTPR000   Amano PR600 Guard Clock Paper Rolls
PR600S   Amano PR600S Watchmans Clock Kit
TS-3000i-154   Amano TS-3000i -154 Automatic Time Sync Web Clock
ASQMSTR-00X8E   American Time ALLSYNC Master Clock
A54BHFF422   American Time Impulse Clock
A54BHFF522   American Time Impulse Clock
A54BHFG422   American Time Impulse Clock
A54bhFG522   American Time Impulse Clock
A54BHJF422   American Time Impulse Clock
ASQMSTR-05N8E   American Time SiteSync IQ Wireless Master Clock
U54BHAA404   American Time Synchronous Wall Clock - 110V
U55BHAA504   American Time Synchronous Wall Clock - 110V
U54BHBA404-24V   American Time Synchronous Wall Clock - 24 V
U55BHBA504   American Time Synchronous Wall Clock - 24 V
ARX-101300   ARX-101300 Time Cards for MRX-35
ATR-121-TC   ATR-121 Time Card: Weekly
58-0109-000   ATR120 Battery Backup
ATT-311-TC   ATT-311 Time Card: Weekly
ATT_312-TC   ATT-312 Time Card: Daily Cost Card
ATT_313-TC   ATT-313 Time Card: Job Cost Card
B19C-TC   B19C Time Card: Weekly, Bi-Weekly Or Semi-Monthly Clipper Card
12-BB   Badge Rack, 12-Capacity, Horizontal
GPS-INSTALL-TOOLS   Battery / Piezzo Antenna locator
45-0153-000   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #1
45-0153-010   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #10
45-0153-011   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #11
45-0153-012   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #12
45-0153-013   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #13
45-0153-014   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #14
45-0153-015   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #15
45-0153-002   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #2
45-0153-003   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #3
45-0153-004   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #4
45-0153-005   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #5
45-0153-006   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #6
45-0153-007   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #7
45-0153-008   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #8
45-0153-009   C-72 Watchman's Key Station #9
45-0153-016   C-72 Watchman's Key Station A
45-0153-031   C-72 Watchman's Key Station B
45-0153-017   C-72 Watchman's Key Station C
45-0153-032   C-72 Watchman's Key Station D
45-0153-018   C-72 Watchman's Key Station E
45-0153-019   C-72 Watchman's Key Station F
45-0153-020   C-72 Watchman's Key Station G
45-0153-021   C-72 Watchman's Key Station H
45-0153-033   C-72 Watchman's Key Station I
45-0153-022   C-72 Watchman's Key Station J
45-0153-023   C-72 Watchman's Key Station K
45-0153-024   C-72 Watchman's Key Station L
45-0153-034   C-72 Watchman's Key Station M
45-0153-025   C-72 Watchman's Key Station N
45-0153-035   C-72 Watchman's Key Station O
C3000-TC   C3000 Time Card: Weekly Or Bi-Weekly Clipper Card
C8519-TC   C8519 Time Card: Weekly Or Bi-Weekly Clipper Time Card
C8519-2-TC   C8519-2 Time Card
C8916-TC   C8916 Time Card
0080-014-998   Casing Security Key
CH100-TC   CH100 Time Card
CH100-2-TC   CH100-2 Time Card
CH107-TC   CH107 Time Card
CH107-2-TC   CH107-2 Time Card
CH131-TC   CH131 Time Card
TTINKLB   Check Writer Ink - Large Bottle
TTC3000   Cincinnati 3000 Series or New Clipper Ink Ribbon
TTC5000   Cincinnati Model 5000 / 8000 Ink Ribbon
TTCSXOC   Citizen CSX 190 (for Omni Chron Printer) Ribbon
MGP-25   Digital Display LED - GPS Master Clock

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