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Schedule your onsite time clock service and repair call here!

Onsite Service

We are the top Rapidprint repair and service facility. Our Rapidprint repair technicians can perform onsite repair and service throughout most of Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties in Southern California.
Not all locations within these counties may be eligible for onsite Rapidprint repair or service. Please call for our Rapidprint repair and service details.

Service Center

Rapidprint customers frequently fall outside our onsite local repair and service areas. That's no problem. If your Rapidprint timeclock or stamp needs repair or service work you can ship it into our National Repair and Service Center. Our Rapidprint timeclock and date stamp repair and service is factory authorized and industry leading.

Ship your broken Rapidprint timeclock to our factory authorized National Service Center and let us fix timeclock, date stamp or other time and attendance equipment and get you back to work!

Telephone Support

Have a question about your Rapidprint timeclock or date stamp? Or, maybe you need high level technical support for your equipment or pc based time and attendance system? No problem.

Our customer service team can assist you in determining your exact technical support needs and route you to an experienced service and support technician.

How do you fix or repair a broken Rapidprint timeclock and date stamp? Repairing or servicing a broken Rapidprint timeclock or date stamp is far cheaper than purchasing a new Rapidprint timeclock. Frequently, our ability to fix broken Rapidprint timeclocks saves our clients hundreds of dollars or more in replacement costs.
TEK Time Systems service technicians can repair a broken timeclock, service date stamps, repair time and attendance equipment and provide telephone support for computerized time and attendance equipment and pc based employee time clock systems.
We can fix, service and support timeclocks from leading manufacturers to include; Rapidprint, Pyramid, NOVATime, Lathem, Jantek, Digital Display Systems, Cincinnati, Amano, Stromberg, Widmer, Time America, Acroprint and ABE.
Our service and repair center will fix your Rapidprint clock correctly the first time! You must fix and calibrate employee time clocks properly to ensure they keep proper time. Our service team will troubleshoot and fix broken computerized time clocks, elapsed timers, access control systems, perforators, time clocks, signal equipment and bell ringers, check signers and endorsers, embossers and transcript validators, master clock systems, date stamps, wall clocks, watchman's clocks, numbering machines, PC based systems, time and date stamps and WTV time validators.
Our factory certified technicians can fix broken equipment onsite, if your company falls within our local service area within select Southern California including San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles counties. Please note that not all locations within these counties are supported with local, onsite service.

Our technicians support time clocks, date stamps, master systems and most time and attendance equipment. We suggest you allow our technicians to provide you with the support necessary to fix the broken clocks. Fix it and save lots of money!
If your outside our local service area, or onsite service isn't feasible ship the broken equipment in and we'll fix it or call for support at 1-800-322-TIME. We will fix the time clock, date stamp, master clock, etc. quickly and at the lowest possible price.